YURIKO YAMAGUCHI @ The Figge Art Museum

Fire + Water, 2013

hand cast resin and stainless steel wire

96 x 123 x 11 inches


Interconnected in Art, Nature, Science, and Technology


In her solo exhibition at The Figge Art Museum, Yuriko Yamaguchi pairs recent and earlier work in a comprehensive survey showcasing multimedia installations and sculptures constructed from hand-cast resin connected by networks of steel, copper, and brass wire. Her sculptures are technological renditions of nature, evoking phenomena such as tornadoes and cellular, neuron-like structures, as well as abstract representations of digital networks.


For 30 years, Yamaguchi has been exploring the use of natural and man-made materials in her art. Yamaguchi describes her artwork as addressing the "interconnectedness of art, nature, science and technology. I am not interested in using real technologies, like media or scientific tools; rather I like to create artworks that reflect our lives, where science and technologies are dominant, and we no longer can function without them. I believe that art is something that reflects what we are living for."


The Figge Art Museum, located in Davenport, Iowa, is home to one of the Midwest's finest art collections and hosts world-class traveling exhibitons. For additional information regarding this exhibition, please visit the Figge website here. For a copy of the exhibition catalogue, please visit our gallery.


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