Washington City Paper / Arts Desk: The Top Five Photos Shown in DC this Year

Arts Desk: The Top Five Photos Shown in DC this Year


Black-and-white photography has long ago moved into the realm of retro, but that shift only seems to have enhanced its cachet. In today’s cluttered visual environment, black-and-white is the equivalent of comfort food—and this critic, at least, ate it up this year. In this selection of the top five individual photographs exhibited in the D.C. area this year, all but one, an unforgettable creation in color, are rendered in shades of glorious gray.


Kim Keever, west 131f


Adamson Gallery’s landscape exhibit included three monumental works by Keever, a New York-based artist with a peculiar technique. He created miniature tableaux of nature (rocks, trees, vegetation, fake snow) within a 200-gallon tank of water; he then shined colored lights and dropped in fluids to mimic atmospheric elements like skies and clouds. His finished works, measuring 40 inches by 59 inches, are at once realistic, fantastical, and eerie, calling to mind works by the luminist painters of the mid-19th century.


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