Rede Leonardo Pigment Prints Portfolio Washington DC

Portfolio of seven Pigment Prints by various artists, benefiting the Rede Leonardo Foundation in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.










Custom made portfolio box, each print is 20 x 16 inches, edition of 20. Prints are signed and numbered by each artist.


My wife Laurie and I were inspired to make this portfolio after we rescued a small dog in Portugal from a life of misery. We named her Bica and found her to be a loving, joyful and smart creature, as many rescue animals turn out to be. A year later, we returned to Portugal to find two young, starving dogs living on our property which we ended up caring for and feeding. We searched hopelessly for a sanctuary that could take in these abused animals and when we had almost given up hope, we discovered Ana Paula Tavares, the Director of the Rede Leonardo Foundation, who kindly gave them shelter. 


Rede Leonardo is a nonprofit organization located in Caldas da Rainha, with a compassionate and dedicated team of volunteers who rescue dogs and all other animals. They provide treatment for animals with serious medical conditions, microchip implants, as well as care and shelter until the animals are adopted. Unsuitable for adoption, some animals are beyond repair, yet Rede Leonardo continues to care for them in a loving and humane environment. When we learned Rede Leonardo was lacking funds to complete a modern kennel system, which was planned to house an increasing number of rescued animals, we felt the need to act.


With help from our artist friends, the decision was made to create a print portfolio in honor of Rede Leonardo, with all funds from sales donated to the organization in order to fulfill the goal of building kennels and outdoor areas for the rescued animals.


Adamson Editions, Rede Leonardo, and all of the deserving cats and dogs would like to thank the artists and craftspeople who helped bring this project to fruition.


David Adamson
August 2016