Situated in Rhinecliff, New York, photographer Carolyn Marks Blackwood reframes segments of nature’s various elements, air, ice, and water, from her surroundings along the Hudson River, into perspective bending abstract photographs with painterly expression. Just like her predecessors of The Hudson River School, the romantic landscape of the Hudson offers Blackwood a plethora of color and activity from the splendor of seasonal changes. Blackwood documents such ephemeral moments by creating ambiguous fragments of vivid color fields, geometric abstractions, and flattened motifs, capturing great detail within the elements that would otherwise remain unnoticed. 


Musee Magazine: Carolyn Marks Blackwood: On the Edge, March 2 2015 by Barbara Rose
Musee Magazine: Interview with Carolyn Marks Blackwood: Elements of Place, July 22 2014 by Nora Landes